Why Trump? Because America isn’t so Great (and possibly never will be again)

Just found out about a cool Youtube channel–“Nerdwriter1.” (Yes, I’m a bit of an Internet nerd, for better or for worse.) But it’s encouraging to find intelligent dialogue on Youtube. In fact, I think that as sites like Youtube continue to grow, smarter people will increasingly engage on them.

Like it or not, there aren’t many public spaces where people can engage in dialogue face-to-face anymore. But most people are on the Internet. I prefer the old fashioned, old school face-to-face, of course. People are held accountable and are forced to think before they speak, at least moreso than online where irresponsible peeps can just hide behind fake usernames. People are also forced to listen to each other and observe each other’s reactions when face-to-face…

But I digress.

Here’s my reply to Nerdwriter1’s analysis of Donald Trump:

Donald Trump’s causing problems for this country, and he’s not an immigrant. He speaks of tremendous hate, but that’s what he is fostering–hate and fear… Sad that isn’t obvious to people. This is another reason why we need to fund education and provide free college for everyone. We desperately need a smarter voting population.

The question Jimmy Kimmel asks, “Isn’t it wrong to discriminate…” is rather strange. It gave Trump an opportunity to make a speech and it catered to white people who don’t like being accused of racism. How would Trump have responded if Kimmel had asked instead something along the lines of, “How does it benefit us to deport people whose religion happens to be Muslim?” or “What about the Muslim man who owned a successful business that hired Americans and was just detained because of his religion? Why are we putting those Americans out of work?” That kind of questioning would have gotten some Trump supporters thinking.

The other thing is, many Americans are unhappy–overworked, underpaid, underemployed or, worse, unemployed. Trump’s angry, bigoted tone resonates for angry, bitter people who don’t know much about politics or current events, don’t know why they’re struggling but are looking for someone to blame.

While the democrats were insisting that the USA is the greatest country in the world, Trump at least admitted we need to “make America great again.” Ultimately, that’s what people wanted to hear. The democrats were too busy catering to their wealthy “limousine liberal” constituents who want to save the trees and the whales but don’t care about saving the people. They could have used the same sales rhetoric to appeal to the working class, or better yet (in my opinion,) they could have given Bernie Sanders (or Jill Stein) a chance.



Alex, a.k.a., Rare Candy CD release at Evolution Music, Chicago

Yep, I got lots out of this Chicago trip. Ya’ know, the French pronounce it “she-kah-go.”    Hmm… what does it mean?

Alex is sort of a one-man band and calls his project “Rare Candy.” He’s got some pretty diverse influences behind him.

I got a chance to interview this aspiring musician at Evolution Music Store where he celebrated the release of his first CD: “Cream Soda.”  Take a lookey at the vid. below–>


Chicago Musicians: Yeti and ? More musical videos from the midwestern sphere

Here’s more of “Yeti” and a singer-songwriter whose name I missed. So sorry! If anyone knows who this guy is, please write me and send me a link or some info that proves to me that it’s him… (I mean, if I get five different people writing to me saying his name is Joe, Mike, Justin, or Tom, whom do I believe?…)

Yeti!  At Evolution Music Store in Chicago.


Nameless singer-songwriter!  Please someone send me his name so I can give him credit.  At Evolution Music Store in Chicago.

Stay inTUNED. There’s more Chicago road trip music video coming tomorrow!

Chicago musicians–road trip: Lookey what I found!

Yes, I took a road trip to Chicago for the fabulous Self Employment in the Arts conference in Lisle, a Chicago suburb.  Click HERE for info

And lookey what I discovered–musicians playing in a music store that stays open after hours to host local acts! It’s a great idea, of course. I thank Evolution Music Store for thinking of it and wonder why more music stores don’t do it. News flash: it’s win-win, brings musicians into your store after all…

Here’s a guy who calls himself “Yeti.” Sorry ’bout the sound. I was sitting a distance away and didn’t want to disrupt the crowd by trampling over them to get to the front. (This wasn’t a professional video, just something I did while traveling through Chicago.) I’m going to post the other videos separately to save space: