Life in Gigland: Playing Guitar in a Bug Jar… & who is Greg Sterlace?

So last Sunday, Haunted Gypsy performed at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. Across the street, we found a Chinese/Thai restaurant and prepared our tummies for the performance to follow. Tummy time! Then we entered that big jar of bugs… er… the Bug Jar.

Giant bugs hanging from the lamp on the ceiling spun around and around… Don’t worry, they weren’t real bugs–else I’d be especially dizzy. Or were they? Naw, they couldn’t have been real ‘cause Meria’s allergic to insects greater than one foot in diameter…


Nice stage up there at the Bug Jar, and we had a sound person, Michael, who made sure the audience could hear our various ups and downs. The venue has a nice set up too. It looks much smaller from the outside. But once you enter you see a perfect hangout spot with seats and booths in front of the bar and little booths for peeps to just hang in. In the adjoining room is the stage with lots of space for dancing, though none for sitting. Ah, but those without the energy to stand and dance could sit in the adjoining room by the bar and still hear the music pretty well.


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