A World Without Music…

You click on I-tunes–only to discover that all the channels that used to play music have disappeared. You return to your computer files where you’d saved mp3’s of your favorite songs, but notice that all the music files are gone!

Horror of horrors!

In a desperate attempt to hear sounds other than the sound of your own breathing and your fingers tapping on the computer keyboard, you double-click on Firefox, open up the Youtube url and search for your favorite songs.

Nothing. Gone. No more sound on Youtube. Too many copyright violations. And the owners of the sounds have taken back their music, never to share it again…

So you turn on a good, old-fashioned radio. Surely, that’ll work. Uh…

No signal. Not even static. Nothing.


OMG (as they type across the blogosphere,) this can’t be happening!

You run outside to your car. …

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Paying Attention to How We Feel in Every Situation…

Pay attention to your feelings—especially when they change.

How do you feel right now? Happy? Sad? Indifferent?

Today, I drove to the main library downtown to pick up some books that I needed. Odd as this may sound, upon entering the library, I felt my mood deflate. Something in the air, the energy around me, I don’t know, something made me feel as though I were in some sort of prison. It wasn’t just the security guards seated in front of the exits and entrances. Maybe it was the large number of homeless and what appeared to be dejected inner city residents who were there just passing the time away. I don’t know…

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate libraries. Libraries are some of the few public places left that don’t charge a fee to enter. Anyone—rich, poor, black, white, male, female, young, old, etc.—anyone can go to the library and spend as much or as little time as they want in there. The library is one of the last public spaces still open to us all.

But the atmosphere was so dreary, so dark, so strangely stress-filled. There was a sense of death in the air. I don’t know why. I know this sounds illogical, but I just wanted to get in and out of that place as soon as possible. And I did! …

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Why We Need Independent Music and Musicians… and Without the Sex and Drugs!

(Although I must admit that the use of the word “sex” in this blog’s title may have gotten some people to view this web site… Hmm… What does it mean?)

As an independent musician, i.e., a creative artist who writes my own material that doesn’t necessarily sound like everyone else’s material, I notice how difficult it can be to find places to perform publicly so that other people can hear the music. Certainly, if one is a good imitator of the already established tried and true, one has a better chance of finding places to play—as long as she/he performs songs that have been written long ago and have already been performed thousands of times already.

I used to look down upon the “cover bands,” but, heck, they’re making money—sometimes a lot of it. No new, original or innovate music gets created, but they’re earning a living doing what they love—playing music. There’s nothing wrong with that. People want to hear their favorite songs, after all. Besides, who wants to take the risk of playing new songs that haven’t been heard before when we know that playing the same songs that have already been tested many times before by bands who are wealthy, successful and standing on a huge platform will guarantee us an audience and some income too?

Conform, conform, conform!

Yes, even us rebels have our favorite songs. Rage Against the Machine, anyone?

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Keep Your Eyes Open… Read, Read, Read!

Reading your local newspaper or checking out local web sites that inform you of local events in your area can turn up all sorts of surprising stuff. Seriously, you never know what you might discover! Solutions to solving an obstacle you thought was impossible might be offered next Friday at 8 a.m., for example… Well, at least, that’s what happened to me. So…

Keep Your Eyes Open… Read, Read, Read!

Pay attention to your surroundings. Read ads posted on public billboards. They still exist! Listen to what other people are telling you about events in your community. Read your local newspaper and/or check out local web sites that inform you of events in your area that are often free and can turn up all sorts of surprising solutions to problems we thought were impossible. Seriously, you never know what you might discover! Your biggest problem might be solved next Friday morning, free of charge. Sometimes all you need to do is show up.

Recently, I had a mysterious fainting spell. For reasons yet unexplained, I lost consciousness and fell face forward on the floor. Ouch! Except I was unconscious, so I didn’t feel anything… until after the fact, and I will continue to be in pain for probably several weeks.

After I hit the floor, I woke up next to a pool of my own blood, surprised that I wasn’t in bed and not even knowing where I was at first. Pretty disturbing. Fortunately, no bones were broken but my front teeth have been aching ever since. Although I could still chew food with my back teeth, it often aggravated the pain, so I’ve remained on a diet of soft food. Hmm… Might help my diet anyhow.

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