Need Help Solving Life’s Problems? Boost Your Intelligence!

Boost Your Intelligence

Have a lot of problems in your life? Boost your intelligence so that you’ll have the tools you’ll need to solve them.

Why not? If you’re smarter, then, logically, you’ll have more intellectual tools for solving your own problems, right? (Well, it hasn’t always worked for me… but… generally speaking, being smarter can only make one more resourceful.)

Strengthening our minds can make us much better problem solvers and give us the tools to find resources we may not have guessed could exist. If nothing else, watching our intelligence increase can boost our self confidence, and that can help us to communicate better with others and form better quality relationships.

How to boost intelligence?

Well, simply thinking about small problems and all the potential causes and effects can get us started. For example, a tree falls in the wilderness—a small problem for me at the moment, as I’m nowhere near the wilderness. But…

Why? How? When? Where? The unimaginative and blissfully complacent nonthinkers may respond with, “That’s just the way it is. Trees fall after a while,” then move onto mindlessly watching yet another TV sitcom.

Oy vay! (Spell check?)

Yes, a tree could have grown old and fallen but why would growing old cause it to fall? Do all trees fall when they grow old? How old is old? Does the wood of the tree get dry and brittle? What causes that? Is the tree less able to absorb nutrients and moisture in its old age? Are there trees much older that haven’t fallen yet, that are doing better? Why?

Maybe it’s not an old tree at all. Maybe it’s a new tree. Maybe a draught caused the tree to become dry and brittle. Maybe the tree got sick. Do trees catch viruses the way humans do? Bacterial infections? Or possibly insects or rodents harmed this tree?

Do trees get injured? Could it have been struck by lightening and never quite recovered? Was it bitten up into despair by nature’s creatures?

We an continue to ask questions about why it fell, how it fell, and even speculate on how to prevent other trees from falling, ways to save dying trees or what to do with trees once they fall. We can even study the aftermath of the tree’s fall to see how it might affect human life surrounding it. Could whatever caused the tree to fall also harm humans?

So many questions. Why ask them? This inquisitive practice can teach us to seek solutions, to solve problems. Developing this skill enables us to apply it to areas of our own life. The more we develop our imagination and practice deep contemplation and focus, and the more we question our current reality, the more likely we are to find solutions everywhere we go. That skill can be life-saving in times of trouble.

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Halloween is coming…

Yep, we’re getting closer and closer…

Come closer. Look at me. Yes, look at me. Don’t be afraid. It’ll all be over soon. Yes, very soon. “The quick way, doctor. Let’s do it the quick way…” to paraphrase Peter Lorre in “Arsenic and Old Lace.” (A classic Halloween comedy, by the way.

Which reminds me, why are there so few scary comedies made in the USA? Americans sure like their fear. I prefer to laugh at it.

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Tired of Being a Victim? Practice Random Acts of Kindness (Instead of Yawning…)

Made it to the end? You read the whole thing? Congrats! Woo hooly hoo! Who? How?

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To Halloween or Not To Halloween? That is the Question…

    photo by Cappixx
photo by Cappixx

I like Halloween. For me, it’s not a morbid time focusing on death and decay, it’s a time of creativity. What other holiday allows people to dress however they want no matter how mature, professional and well-respected in the community they’re trying to be? On what other holiday can we sew together our own wardrobe and pretend to be a character we’re most definitely not. We can make up who we are or we can pretend to be a character from history, from television, from a comic book or cartoon. I view Halloween as a creative and theatrical moment in time. It’s a perfect holiday for actors and performers in general. We love it!

And contrary to what some might think, it’s not a celebration of death but a way to laugh at something that scares us more than anything else in this world. We can’t prevent our own deaths or the deaths of our loved ones but we can laugh at it. What else can we do?

So we dress up as dead people and laugh. We all know deep, down inside that someday our bodies will resemble those costumes but…ooh…we don’t want to think about that.

Winter is coming…

For most people, winter is a sad time, a time when things die…

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