A World Without Music…

You click on I-tunes–only to discover that all the channels that used to play music have disappeared. You return to your computer files where you’d saved mp3’s of your favorite songs, but notice that all the music files are gone!

Horror of horrors!

In a desperate attempt to hear sounds other than the sound of your own breathing and your fingers tapping on the computer keyboard, you double-click on Firefox, open up the Youtube url and search for your favorite songs.

Nothing. Gone. No more sound on Youtube. Too many copyright violations. And the owners of the sounds have taken back their music, never to share it again…

So you turn on a good, old-fashioned radio. Surely, that’ll work. Uh…

No signal. Not even static. Nothing.


OMG (as they type across the blogosphere,) this can’t be happening!

You run outside to your car. …

(This is an excerpt from my music blog at http://www.guitargrrrl.com/blog/articles/  )

Read the rest of this blog entry (and more) at:    http://www.guitargrrrl.com/2016/06/26/a-world-without-music/

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