Are 21 Pilots Stressed Out? Song Analysis – Part 1

Recently, I came across a blogger (Clifford Stumme) who’d attempted to analyze the deep, inner meaning of… well, not the meaning of life, nor why we’re all here exactly, nor was he exploring the origins of the earth and human life as we know it. Nope, he wrote about the meaning (as he saw it) of 21 Pilots’ song “Stressed Out.”

It is a song about “the transition from childhood to adulthood” and “social pressure to work and earn an income,” he wrote. Oh, what the heck. Here’s the link to his blog:

Stumme’s interpretation of the 21 Pilots song is off the mark, I believe, so I’ve decided to write my own little ol’ blog entry. I’m a songwriter myself, after all, and I’m aware that songs will be interpreted by every listener every which way. So my interpretation (like Stumme’s interpretation) is not necessarily “accurate.” A song’s meaning (whether we songwriters like it or not) becomes whatever the listener wants it to be.

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