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About Me? Okey dokey, Smokey.  Not to blame the victim or anything, but you did ask for it, and you really do seem to want it, so…                                       

Here’s my info. I’ll try to keep this short–

Meria is a guitarist, actress, writer, videographer, artist, and social change maker.  If you like to read, I elaborate on all of these things below:


I play electric guitar and a variety of styles–rock, a little jazz, blues, etc. I like experimenting with effects pedals to get weird sounds coming from my amp. (Freaks my cat out though! Yikes, Batman!)

I also play acoustic guitar–a little Classical and Spanish Flamenco, some folk, blues, etc. Yep, a little bit of everything, so I guess that keeps me from being an expert at any one thing.

Haunted Gypsy is my indie/alternative/progressive music project. I’m the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, and sometimes I’m the entire band! Dang those drummers! They keep spontaneously combusting! Someone needs to make a female version of Spinal Tap (starring me, of course) because I’ve lived it, silliness and all. (Naw, I’m not being Silly… I legally changed my name to Meria several years ago.)

photo by Cappixx

Anyhow… Style of music is “gypsy rock”–somewhat psycho-psychedelic, indie, emo, folk, grunge, alternative, blah, blah, blah, and influenced by music that travels through time and the  entire world (just like the gypsy spirit)–> Mozart, Beethoven, Janis, John Lennon, Cranberries, Britney and Justin B.(ha ha…little joke there…), Gogol Bordello, Evanescence, Mono, Lacuna Coil, Led Zeppelin, L7, Guns ‘n Roses, Warpaint, White Lung, Nirvana, Hole, and, heck, why not?, Opeth. When I think of some more influences, I’ll add them here but there are just too many and, honestly, Haunted Gypsy has its own style and doesn’t really sound like any of these bands.

Music blog is at

Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for Haunted Gypsy–alternative/indie/progressive/gypsy rock…

Solo Guitarist for weddings and corporate events…






Producer/Writer/Director/Star of comedy sitcom, “the Catty Open Mic Show…” revisted, featuring Ms. MeriLynn who is going to be a big STAR someday!

Yes, I make comedy videos to lighten up the current political atmosphere. Now airing on YouTube and across the Internet…. So keep on ‘net surfin’!

Producer/director/videographer/narrator of documentary, “Rocky Mountain Homelessness” which discusses poverty in the USA… Yes, contrary to what your television set will tell you, there is, indeed, poverty right here in the USA. Who knew? Not you… until now. So… get off yer buttocks and start caring for your fellow human being, now!

I made a documentary film about homelessness and was surprised to discover the topic was VERY controversial. There’s a big industry behind poverty, and a lot of people who are afraid of change, but ya’ know, slavery made big money for some people too, and those folks were, thankfully, required to change. We can all make positive changes in our world. We can succeed by helping others around us to succeed. We don’t need to succeed by keeping others down.

Smile! Why? ‘Cause feeling bad about things won’t change them. May as well hope for the best and do your best to make things better for yourself and everyone around you because what’s the alternative?


Writer of short stories, poetry, screenplays, a memoir and, of course,  songs… Lots and lots of songs…  Just oodles!  Read my great American diatribe at:

I think that goes without saying… I mean, I wrote all this, didn’t I?   

I’ve been writing poetry since I was about 8 years old and have had a few published. When I lived in Los Angeles, a few of my reviews of rock bands were published in local magazines around the city. I also write short stories and have a couple of secret books–yes, secret books, that I’m working on… That is, I can’t talk about them until they’re completed or near completion. Yep, I’ve put a temporary gag order on myself. (Though I’m so rebellious, I may just end up whistleblowing myself, telling people all about it one day thus ruining my chances of a surprise publication…) I hope that doesn’t happen.

I’ve written a memoir that I’m working on editing that I’ll self-publish. Nope, can’t tell you about that right now either. (Wow, I’m such a self-dictator!)

I’ve written a full-length screenplay that, most likely, no one will ever see, sadly, as well as shorter scripts for short video projects such as the Catty Open Mic Show…

BROADCASTER–Audio Podcasts & Television

Well, I don’t know how else to say it. I’ve produced 1/2 hour TV shows for cable access stations and also podcasts that have aired on the web. Possibly will start up another soon, but, as you can see, I’m a bit busy at the moment…


Whew! You made it to the end of this “About” blurb. Did you really read all that? I’d give you a gold star if I had one. But I don’t. So I’ll just say,

“Thanks!” Thanks for reading. Word count is currently at 759! So… thanks for your interest, impeccable reading ability, and unbreakable span of attention.

What’s that, you say? Still want to know more about me? Well, alrighty then!

Persistent little bugger, aren’t you?

Okay, take a look around this site then.  Sit back, relax, and listen to original music, watch some videos, read these lengthy diatribes that fall out of my head and end up online (thanks to my prolific typing ability), and enjoy! — Pat yourself on the back if you’re still awake after reading all this, and explore my nifty, little web site.

Let the creativity begin!

This site is, and always will be, a work in progress.

Check back soon!