David Bowie, RIP 2016

David Bowie died this morning (Jan. 11th.) Like my dad, who also died around this time, Bowie died just a few days after his birthday. While I admired Bowie’s music, I wasn’t a die-hard fanatic, yet I found myself strangely saddened. Whether it was the memory of my own father’s passing around this time of year or just the knowledge that an era of extreme nonconformity–revolution, in fact–in the world of rock music has long since passed, I’m not sure. But the tears dropped out of my salty eyelids and clouded my vision as I drove along Main Street during rush hour on an already cloudy day.

Bowie opened the door for theatrical weirdness in pop music. Luckily, he started his career at a time when anti-establishment, nonconformist rebellious thought was the general ethos. Bowie’s oddness was viewed as intriguing and thought-provoking rather than thought of as disruptive (or terroristic–is that a real word?) to society at the time. Well, at least some people allowed Bowie’s weirdness and were entertained, even enthralled by it.

In the post world war era, many people were suspicious of authority figures, not so open to doing what they were told but more determined to think for themselves. Bowie’s creativity was born in the right time and place….

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