Unhappy in Your Job? Consider the Entrepreneurial Spirit. Become an Entrepreneur

Unhappy in your current job? Consider the entrepreneurial spirit. Why not become an entrepreneur?

Ever think of starting your own business? Working for yourself is considerably more profitable than working for other people. As an employee myself, I’ve noticed that my most affluent customers (and employers) have been either doctors or entrepreneurs.

Choose your Schedule


Consider the flexibility: As an entrepreneur, you can work part-time as a freelancer on the side while maintaining your “day job” continuing to work for someone else. Or you can choose to work full time, even overtime. You can decide whenever you want to quit and do something else. You can even decide to be generous and charitable at times and offer your product or service free of charge to those in need as long as you have enough customers who can afford to pay full price to balance things out.

Choose Your Fashion

You can dress however you like and set your own schedule—but you still have to get the boss’s permission. Boss? Aren’t you your own boss? Well, in a sense, you still have a boss that isn’t you: your customer. If your customer can only meet you in the morning and cares a lot about how you’re dressed then you are going to need to get up early and dress nicely to meet your customer.

Choose Your Compensation

That being said, you still have a lot more freedom and flexibility working for yourself than for someone else. At this point in history, becoming an entrepreneur is the best option for those of us who are talented, skilled, and well educated. Working for an employer is almost like selling your body for money—and often very little money at that.

Choose Your Employer: YOU!

Many employers conduct criminal background checks on employees and are fearful of employees stealing from the company but few people refer to the underpaying employees for their time, energy and output of work as a form of stealing. The current trend is to hire the fewest employees possible, pay them the smallest salaries you can get away with, provide them with little or no benefits, and squeeze as much time and energy out of them as you can. If they die of cardiac arrest due to the stress they’ll be easily replaced with so many unemployed workers desperate for a paycheck no matter how small. Most employers don’t value your ideas or opinions. Often they just want you to do what you’re told. They don’t value you period. In fact, some employers will take credit for your ideas ensuring the profits made off of your ideas will settle into their already overstuffed pockets, not yours.

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