Life in Gig Land: 3rd Infringement Show – the Gypsy Parlor

The guy who dresses in black and sometimes tells fortunes was missing last night but that was okay. We knew what was going to happen.

We had a nice little crowd and Phoebe Raymond, a local artist, showed up to draw pictures of the performers. Thanks, Phoebe! (She actually made Meria appear thinner and in better shape in the drawing than she actually is in real life.)Much appreciated!

Just before us, Erica Wolfling, a singer songwriter, played keyboard and sang like an opera singer. ericaw(Yep, she hit the Mariah Carey-like high pitches! No broken glass ensued, thankfully. Do musicians get billed for that sort of thing?) I mean, do venues fine vocalists for breaking their glasses when they hit high pitches? Hmm… I wonder…

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