Life in Gig Land: 2nd Infringement Gig–Old Editions, Amity Club & Nietzsche’s

gmask1s-croppedOur Second Day of the Buffalo Infringement Festival 2016! (Saturday, July 29th)

Okay, so this was a tough one. Got up early for work, rushed home after work, prepared for three gigs—most gigs I’ve had in one day, so this is new for me. Curtis Orange, Haunted Gypsy’s latest drummer worked real hard at not spontaneously combusting. Real hard! (Check out the old Spinal Tap movie if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Guess we’re kicking the old musical butt today, aren’t we? And I know I’ll be a better person as a result of it. Yay!

Our first gig was at Old Editions bookstore on Huron Avenue in downtown Buffalo. (After the gig, I bought an old paperback called the “Book of Love” by Stendhal. Love is something I need to learn more about…) L’amour!

Restless spirit... ...Vagabond soul
Restless spirit…
…Vagabond soul

Old Editions is a large bookstore with two levels. As with most Infringement venues, the owner was very supportive of undiscovered talent in the WNY area. We got a pretty good sound in their spacious café area and had an enthusiastic audience of book-music lovers. Well-read music fans, one might say! An intellectual audience! I played some solo, classical guitar for the kids—who were aspiring rock stars, I know it! Then Curtis Orange jumped up on stage to bang on the drums. We emphasized the classical and classically-influenced songs, even when I switched over to the electric guitar.

After Old Editions, we had a short time to relax, munch on some food and then off we went to the Amity Club—an alcohol-free hangout on Hertel and Military in Buffalo. We had an enthusiastic audience at Amity and really enjoyed playing there. Margot Kisiel and the Heenan Brothers followed us, but we had to rush offstage to our third, last-but not least-gig at Nietzsche’s on Allen Street.

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