Life in Gig Land: Five Shows in Two Days–the Infringement Challenge!

It may not seem like a lot to some, but I spend a lot of time preparing before a performance.     Typically, I don’t just work all day then drop myself off at a venue to play. Oh no, no, no, no, no! My perfectionist tendencies won’t allow that!

Before a performance, I do yoga stretches, vocal exercises, a run-through of my song list, a run-through of my performance, etc. I plan my shows as though I were playing before an audience of 100,000 (adoring, I hope!) fans, as though I were a nationally known act. I give it my all! Well, all that I have at that particular moment. Sometimes I have more to give on certain days than others…   

That’s how I do!

But this weekend, I was challenged–in a good way, of course. My act, Haunted Gypsy, had the amazing and wondrous opportunity to perform at several venues for the Infringement Festival. And seize the opportunity we did! Carpe diem!

But I’m used to performing on days when I don’t have to work at my day job at all, so working during the day then trotting off to three venues for three performances was hectic. Not to be dramatic but…

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