Life in Gig Land: Haunted Gypsy and the Sad, White, Suburban Males at the Music Room… All ages, anyone?

So with the warm, comfy summer weather here at last, Haunted Gypsy, has gotten some fun-to-play gigs. (Translation: fun-to-play often means no money involved, but, heck, we had an AWESOME time! Who becomes a musician to make money anyway?)

Last Saturday, we performed at the Music Room in downtown East Aurora. In case you don’t know, East Aurora is a small, suburban town that’s rather affluent and quaint. What’s unique about the Music Room is that it provides a place for the under-21 crowd to see bands play. No alcohol is served, so the association with music and drugs and alcohol is missing here. Fuhgetta ‘bout “sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll.” That slogan was a grand political marketing scheme. It’s all about the music, baby!

But the Music Room isn’t just a venue for young people to watch bands play; it’s also an outlet for musicians too young to play in bars. The Music Room provides a decent stage replete with a P.A., microphones, drum kit and a sound person whose goal is to bring out the best in every performer who graces their spacious stage…

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