Little Girl Blue, Where are You?

Little Girl Blue , Where Are You?

Just finished watching Amy Berg’s “Janis: Little Girl Blue,” a documentary about Janis Joplin featuring a narration by Cat Power. (Then I went home and realized after a ‘net search that the film had actually come out in the rest of the country three months ago…) Oh well, I guess I don’t live in a hotbed of theatrical (or otherwise) activity. Things happen here months—sometimes years, or even decades, after they’ve already occurred everywhere else.

But I’m grateful that the film did finally screen in my town, enjoyed viewing it, and thought I’d write a short blog about it. So here I am. And here are my rambling thoughts for your reading pleasure (or not!)

Like Janis, I too come from a rather conservative area. Though not quite so conservative as Port Arthur, my city is a place in which new ideas are frowned upon. A clique controls the status quo, and heaven forbid that you are different from anyone else, and you are not a part of The Clique. Conformity is key! Know your place! Like independent films, it seems that new ideas will spread around the world, eventually get accepted around the world, and then after many years of being accepted elsewhere, they may be discussed as possibilities over here. (Not implemented, mind you, but discussed…) Nope, I’m not exaggerating. Things move s-l-o-w-l-y out here, if they move at all.

But I digress….

Janis was bullied in school for having the same qualities that made her a success—the courage to be herself. She was unique, not only as a strong and outspoken woman, but as a white woman who could sing the blues, moving outside of racial and socioeconomic (as well as gender) boundaries. How did a rich white girl get so good at singing the blues? ….

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