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Alex, a.k.a., Rare Candy CD release at Evolution Music, Chicago

Yep, I got lots out of this Chicago trip. Ya’ know, the French pronounce it “she-kah-go.”    Hmm… what does it mean?

Alex is sort of a one-man band and calls his project “Rare Candy.” He’s got some pretty diverse influences behind him.

I got a chance to interview this aspiring musician at Evolution Music Store where he celebrated the release of his first CD: “Cream Soda.”  Take a lookey at the vid. below–>


Life in Gig Land, the Land of the Gigs, the Study & Science of Coffee–Caffeology!

photo by Cappixx

Caffeology, a little coffee shop on Allen Street in the infamous Allentown district of Buffalo. We had a little crowd that included a few fellow infringers—actress El-the-Mime, painter John Farallo and Ms. Sophie T., among them. We also had an unexpected guest who wandered in and reminded me we were in an heavily traversed urban area exposed to a major street containing a wide cast of characters. An audience member or a heckler? She wandered in and approached me at the microphone as she invited herself to a duet. I asked her what she wanted to sing, she said, “Whatever,” so I invited her to sing “Whatever” into the microphone. She did. It went like this:


And a passable rendition of “whatever” she did slur into the mic. The scent of alcohol perfumed the air. I jokingly thanked her for “whatever-ing” into the mic but suggested this was not a good time to jam. We were performing a show for an audience after all.

Unfortunately, her inebriated state caused her to lose her balance and (accidentally?) grab me by the throat!

Okay, I’ve been accused of being too open, naïve, possibly too friendly when I shouldn’t be, but this I could not tolerate. I do need to breathe. So I removed her hand off of my throat, realizing the alcohol had just made her clumsy. I think she meant to pat me on the shoulder, maybe?

photo by Cappixx


Now, if I were a celebrity (ha! ha!) the tabloids would have created all sorts of stories surrounding this. I might get asked about it in interviews.
“Did you worry about your safety, Ms. Gypsy?”

“Oh, gosh, no. I have security guards and I pay them well. And there’s my yellow belt in  Karate…

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Life in Gig Land: 3rd Infringement Show – the Gypsy Parlor

The guy who dresses in black and sometimes tells fortunes was missing last night but that was okay. We knew what was going to happen.

We had a nice little crowd and Phoebe Raymond, a local artist, showed up to draw pictures of the performers. Thanks, Phoebe! (She actually made Meria appear thinner and in better shape in the drawing than she actually is in real life.)Much appreciated!

Just before us, Erica Wolfling, a singer songwriter, played keyboard and sang like an opera singer. ericaw(Yep, she hit the Mariah Carey-like high pitches! No broken glass ensued, thankfully. Do musicians get billed for that sort of thing?) I mean, do venues fine vocalists for breaking their glasses when they hit high pitches? Hmm… I wonder…

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Life in Gig Land: Our 1st Infringement Gig–Babeville & the Daily Planet

gmask1s-croppedSo… our first performance was on a Friday night (July29th) in a coffee shop—the Daily Planet. (No, we didn’t see Clark Kent, though he was on our minds throughout the evening.) Superman, where are you?

I’d worked that day, a longer shift than usual and had had just enough time to whisk home briefly and then upward and onward toward Gig Land! (The gig took place only an hour after I got out of work and it takes 30-45 minutes for me to get home from work, depending on traffic, just to give you an idea of why superman was on my mind that day.)

photo by Jennings Campbell

But I was superwoman that day. I packed up my equipment in the car before I left for work that day. I changed, applied makeup, and got ready for the gig before I left work, and I ordered dinner at work so that I could eat dinner at my desk and be well-fed long before call time.

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Miraculously, I arrived to the gig early and with enough time to set up. Yay! Curtis Orange, drummer, had already set up his own equipment. Yay, Curtis Orange! The Daily Planet has a nice stage with a PA and a sound person to set it up for us. Gosh, that makes life so much easier!

Our next gig was three hours later, so we had time to eat the wondrous food served there and to relax. (Really liked the iced mocha coffee thingy the barista made up for me.) We also checked out Jaymo, the Immaculate perform some haunting, psychedelic singer-songwriter tunes. Don’t know why he calls himself “immaculate” and didn’t have time to ask that question, but he did have some good songs—originals and covers both. I made a video of his performance that will be viewable on this nifty youtube site:


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