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Why Trump? Because America isn’t so Great (and possibly never will be again)

Just found out about a cool Youtube channel–“Nerdwriter1.” (Yes, I’m a bit of an Internet nerd, for better or for worse.) But it’s encouraging to find intelligent dialogue on Youtube. In fact, I think that as sites like Youtube continue to grow, smarter people will increasingly engage on them.

Like it or not, there aren’t many public spaces where people can engage in dialogue face-to-face anymore. But most people are on the Internet. I prefer the old fashioned, old school face-to-face, of course. People are held accountable and are forced to think before they speak, at least moreso than online where irresponsible peeps can just hide behind fake usernames. People are also forced to listen to each other and observe each other’s reactions when face-to-face…

But I digress.

Here’s my reply to Nerdwriter1’s analysis of Donald Trump:

Donald Trump’s causing problems for this country, and he’s not an immigrant. He speaks of tremendous hate, but that’s what he is fostering–hate and fear… Sad that isn’t obvious to people. This is another reason why we need to fund education and provide free college for everyone. We desperately need a smarter voting population.

The question Jimmy Kimmel asks, “Isn’t it wrong to discriminate…” is rather strange. It gave Trump an opportunity to make a speech and it catered to white people who don’t like being accused of racism. How would Trump have responded if Kimmel had asked instead something along the lines of, “How does it benefit us to deport people whose religion happens to be Muslim?” or “What about the Muslim man who owned a successful business that hired Americans and was just detained because of his religion? Why are we putting those Americans out of work?” That kind of questioning would have gotten some Trump supporters thinking.

The other thing is, many Americans are unhappy–overworked, underpaid, underemployed or, worse, unemployed. Trump’s angry, bigoted tone resonates for angry, bitter people who don’t know much about politics or current events, don’t know why they’re struggling but are looking for someone to blame.

While the democrats were insisting that the USA is the greatest country in the world, Trump at least admitted we need to “make America great again.” Ultimately, that’s what people wanted to hear. The democrats were too busy catering to their wealthy “limousine liberal” constituents who want to save the trees and the whales but don’t care about saving the people. They could have used the same sales rhetoric to appeal to the working class, or better yet (in my opinion,) they could have given Bernie Sanders (or Jill Stein) a chance.



Life in the Idiocracy: the Perils of Assuming Your Fellow American Can Read and Reason

Oh dear…

Looks like I’m a human art-life form disturbing the comfortable masses (asses!) once again… So here I go,

As you can see from my previous blog (if you actually read it, that is,) I posted an article on Disqus about student loan debt. (That’s something I won’t do again anytime soon, as, apparently, most people on that site are unable or perhaps just unwilling to read.)

The responses I got were overwhelmingly hateful and often blatantly sexist–yes, sexist.Oh dear! Are you advocating political correctness? Actually, I’m advocating rational discussion that does not include hatred of half the population or of anyone for that matter. Why does our society need to be so hateful? Why do some of these haters call themselves Christians? Poor Jesus. If he ever did exist, he’s crying up there in the heavens right now. And if God exists, He most definitely will not bless America. He will condemn it as a hateful, warmongering, hypermasculinized, sociopath’s wet dream.

While I was grateful for the many comments I got so soon after writing the article, it was disappointing to see that most of the commenters clearly hadn’t read the article at all… In fact, many comments appeared instantly after I’d published the article, so there really wasn’t time for the article to have been read carefully. Evidently, the commenters saw the title of the article, saw that it was written by a woman, saw that it referred to student loan debt, then just left hostile comments.

Hmm… Is it not possible to just respond with “I disagree because… ” and then offer some factual statements? Of course not. When yu don’t have any facts but just a lot of hate behind your ideas then that’s all you can express, especially when you can’t read or write. Donald Trump supporters, no doubt. And Trump supporters were on the rampage on Disqus! Hey, I thought Trump was mostly on Twitter? Guess he likes Disqus too. (Probably because it resembles “disgust.”)

I wonder whether the comments would have been so hateful had the article been written by a man? Are people that cowardly that they spew out their hate whenever they see a woman post on the Internet? Oh yes, women are such an easy target, aren’t we? We’re often so passive, so vulnerable, so nurturing, so self deprecating. Except… for… me.

I just don’t have a lot of tolerance for sexism. I don’t like racism or classism either, but sexism seems to be something our society in general tolerates on a regular basis. Americans don’t like passive people and women, generally speaking, are very passive.

Except… for… a few of us who aren’t going to sit back and just tolerate random acts of sexism anymore…

Nope. Not any more.

I’m amazed that when I present the fact that billioniare Donald Trump declared bankruptcy several times, I still got the response that student loan debtors shouldn’t be able to. I mean, you can’t have it both ways. If you think people should pay off their debts, then that should include Donald Trump. He shouldn’t be able to declare bankruptcy either. Why is that so hard?

Because it’s logical.


After seeing such hateful comments appear magically as soon as I’d published the article, I realized that I’d assumed there were intelligent, rational people out there in the blogosphere who would actually read the article and learn something from it.

I suppose that was my  mistake. Most Americans can’t read or write. Those who can read have trouble understanding what they’ve read because of all the big words… It’s sad this country has sunk so low. I remember a time, not so long ago really, when I could feel proud to be an American, when American-made meant good quality. With all its flaws, this was once a great country. Sadly, those days are gone.

(No, Mr. Orangehead is not going to make America great again. But I think he will make things worse for most of us. The rich can afford to leave the country, at least. The rest of us? Well, we’re stuck with an orange patch of grass spewing noxious gas out of an old bald head farting around in the White House.)















Personally, I don’t like to express hatred for other people, especially people I don’t even know and on the Internet where it is easy to be irresponsible with one’s communication. My article presents some very good reasons why we should restore bankruptcy protections for student loan debtors. Of course, the haters, the trolls, moved the discussion in a completely different direction. What else is new? I’m going to try to not let me think poorly of all of my fellow Americans. I’m sure there are a few of my fellow countrymen and women who are able to think deeply and carefully. A few. Very few. Most of them are probably emigrating as fast as they can…

Perhaps I should write light happy, mindless blogs from now on–blogs about how great the USA is, how proud I am to be an American, how the sun will come out tomorrow. Really, it will. (Of course, “tomorrow” can mean different things to different people…) What does Ann Coulter believe “tomorrow” means? Rush Limbaugh? Bill O’Reilly? Mr. FurryOrangehead?

Here was my final response before vacating the Disqus(ting) blogosphere:

“Just going to add a comment to my own post here. After taking the time to write this fact-filled post, I’m amazed by the ignorant-filled commentary. Some people think the USA has become an idiocracy. Now, I have proof of it. I will show these comments proudly to my friends who are hopeful for this country. We truly need an educated population in this country. But I’m sorry to say that most Americans just aren’t college material. Perhaps we should just eliminate university-level education in this country altogether, as the average American, if this site is any indication, isn’t capable of reading, writing, and engaging in intelligent dialogue.”

Draconian Measures Used to Penalize Student Loan Debtors

Draconian Measures Used to Penalize Student Loan Debtors

People, student loan debtors are being treated differently from other debtors. Is this fair? Why the emphasis on penalizing people for going to college? Is this an effort to prevent poor and middle class people from getting an education?

Read on…

Do you think it is okay for the government to use draconian, i.e., cruel and life-destroying, soul-defeating methods to punish student loan debtors for not being able to pay off their loans?

Aw… am I using hyperbole here?

Nope. (But gotta love that word “hyperbole.” Makes me feel so special whenever I use it…)

In 21 US states, your driver’s license can be taken away from you if your student loans have gone into default. That’s nearly half the country. And this includes states such as California (once a “liberal” state) where a car is practically a necessity for getting around and for getting a job. In fact, some employers require a driver’s license and proof of auto insurance as a prerequisite for certain jobs.

In some states, your professional license can be taken away. So… if you have a license to practice law, medicine, to cut hair, to teach, to fix the plumbing, etc., you can lose your license to work!

Does this make sense? How would debtors pay off their debts if they’ve lost their licenses to work and to drive?

If someone is having trouble paying their bills, and our primary concern was to try to get them to pay those bills (not to destroy that person’s life,) wouldn’t it make more sense to assist them with finding a better-paying job so that they’d be in a better position to pay off their debts? How does it benefit our society to ruin the lives of college graduates by penalizing them for life for simply not having the money to pay off their debt? Immigrants who come to the US usually receive assistance in finding work and housing. Why not provide that same assistance to our very own, fellow US citizens?

Why do we emphasize punishing the poor people who can’t afford to pay their debts? Why aren’t we punishing the employers who refuse to pay their employees a decent, living wage? Or the landlords who charge unreasonably high rents, thus preventing their tenants from paying their other bills on time?

Student loan debt is the ONLY debt that cannot be written off in bankruptcy. Is this fair? Why are billionaires, such as Donald Trump, allowed to declare bankruptcy for debts accrued due to foolhardy and reckless decisions while student loan debtors–who come from poor or middle class families–are not? In fact, gamblers can write off their debts via bankruptcy. Does this make sense? Do we want to reward people for being irresponsible with their money but punish people for trying to make their lives better by obtaining an education?

Student loans are a form of financial assistance. Wealthy students don’t need them because their families can afford to pay their college tuition. It’s those of us who come from poor or middle class families who apply for financial assistance to attend college and are offered student loans.

Scholarships and grants that cover the entire cost of tuition are rare these days. Most students will not be able to obtain scholarships or grants that cover all of their tuition costs and are forced to take out loans in order to go to college.

Increasingly, many jobs require a license or certificate, if not a degree. Either way, that means, going to school and taking some classes. Does it make sense to penalize people who have financial  need (otherwise they wouldn’t be applying for financial aid) by taking away their bankruptcy protections, driver’s and professional licenses, etc.? Do we really want to discourage poor people from going to college and trying to pull themselves out of poverty? Again, while at the same time, we’re encouraging gambling and financial irresponsibility by offering bankruptcy protections for gamblers, millionaires and billionaires?!

Is that really what we want to do as a society?


Being a college student is hard work. It requires countless hours of studying, researching, writing papers, taking exams, and having one’s work  scrutinized and graded. It can be a stressful time for students who take their studies seriously. Why is this hard work not respected? Do we want to send the message to students that their hard work will not be rewarded?  Have we become such an idiocracy that we want to discourage people from not only thinking and learning but for trying to make their selves and their lives better by working hard to achieve a dream?

Student loan debtors can have their wages garnished, their tax refunds confiscated and–get this–their social security benefits taken from them. Is this fair? Does it even make sense from a practical standpoint? Does the punishment fit the “crime?” What is the crime exactly? Trying to obtain an education?

In a few years, we will have a huge population of elderly people who will no longer be able to work yet won’t be obtaining social security benefits in their retirement, won’t have money saved in the bank, won’t have children to help them–because they never started a family due to this oppressive debt–won’t have a home to live in, because they postponed buying a home and starting a family due to this debt, and our society will have a massive crisis on its hands.

What will we do with all these disenfranchised student loan debtors whose entire lives were spent dealing with an impossible to pay off debt so that they never accrued any nest egg, savings or family unit of their own? These will be broken, damaged people who wanted to contribute but were not allowed to fully contribute to society and not allowed to achieve their dreams. People who never really lived but spent their lives struggling financially. Are we going to just kill them off like the Nazis got rid of its “undesirables”? Or are we going to attempt to pay for their health care and basic living needs (while we continue to fund war and the surveillance state?)

Whether we decide to suddenly become a compassionate nation that takes care of its elderly or we continue to be a cruel, heartless, sociopathic nation that that rewards selfishness and greed, we’re going to have a crisis once a critical mass of people grows old with this massive debt. Why are we creating this crisis right now?

Even from a practical standpoint, does it make sense to create a huge population of disenfranchised, broken, defeated people who wanted to contribute but instead will be disabled and damaged from years of impoverishment? These are people we’ll need to take care of eventually. These are people who were our best and brightest who we chose to crush with massive debt and draconian punishment of it. We can, in fact, head back in time. We can go back to the days when poor people had no chance of ever bettering themselves, when only the rich had access to decent health care and education, when cruel and unusual punishments or torture were implemented by the wealthy and privileged against the disadvantaged whenever they dared defy the social order or status quo. Wait a minute, would that involve going back in time? Or are we there right now?

What’s truly heartbreaking is that this country could change over night. In fact, instantly, we could truly be a great America again. It doesn’t matter who’s president, really. What matters is us, we the people, and what we want. As long as we stick together and stand by each other, we can make our politicians bend to our will. (Problem is, we are not sticking together. We are out to get each other–dog-eat-dog!)

But like all of our nation’s problems, the student loan debt issue is a solvable problem. In a heartbeat, we can solve this problem. We can restore bankruptcy protections for student loan debt starting NOW. Then we can start working on other solutions, such as, restoring scholarships and grants that cover tuition costs, eliminating the student loan program altogether (because poor people can’t ever guarantee they will be able to pay off debts–they’re poor dammit!,) lowering or even eliminating the cost of college tuition. Offering free educational programs, especially job-training programs, so that people really will have opportunities to learn and grow and potentially increase their income potential.

This blog first appeared on Disqus:  Click HERE to read



Fake Liberals, Fake Journalists, Fake News… It’s All One Big Fake!!!

Heck, maybe this blog is “fake” too…


In any case, there’s been a lot of discussion in the media about so-called “fake” news, i.e., some people are saying things that some other people just don’t like, don’t agree with, and so those things they say must be “fake.”

It was disappointing, though not so surprising, to hear political comedian, Stephen Colbert, rant about so-called “fake news” on the Late Show recently. In full disclosure, I am a rather bleeding-heart liberal, and Stephen Colbert is one of my favorite comedians. He’s talented and may very well be a nice person, generally speaking. But he’s also a millionaire who is, like most entertainment  industry  higher ups, completely out of touch with the average person’s daily experience. As a wealthy, white male, Colbert is what many of us would call a “limousine liberal.” He cares a lot about climate change. He expresses concern about racism. He wants to save the trees and probably the whales too. But does he want to save the average American? Most likely, he doesn’t even know that a cry for help has been screamed loudly in the form of a presidential election–and the empowerment of Donald Trump…

But in the end, our current system benefits millionaires like Colbert, so he can’t condone any radical changes to it because radical changes to our system will not benefit him at all. Knowing this, I suppose it is not that surprising that Colbert has actually resorted to condoning censorship on his show:

In typical limousine-liberal, condescending fashion, Colbert instructs his audience:
“…I really hope you don’t get your news from me because–news flash!–this isn’t news…”

No sh*t, Sherlock. You mean to tell me that the Late Show isn’t a news show? Oh dear, how will I ever carry on? So I can’t learn about current events from watching your show, dear Stephen? Oh, you heartbreaker, you!

But if I watch your show and hear you joke about a current event, Monsieur Colbert, that may be the first time I’ve learned of that event, so you have informed me of something and, in essence, I’ve gotten the news from you. Now, if our mainstream media wants to hire real journalists and allow them to thoroughly investigate current events uncensored by large-big-money corporations or by government interests, I’m all for it. I’d love to be able to watch the news and to actually learn something new–the raw, unbiased, uncensored truth!

Whew! Is it possible for journalists to report the news accurately in the mainstream media anymore?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Time and again, we are exposed to propaganda more often than we are informed of current events by our mainstream media sources. This is why so many of us turn to social media, to the Internet, to alternative sources for information. Do you have a problem with that, Stephen Colbert?

Uh yes, apparently you do. Because, you see, many Americans voted for Donald Trump, and he is not the person Stephen Colbert wanted Americans to vote for, so now he’s preaching to his viewers that they’d better pay attention to his propaganda…er… I mean, “news” sources ’cause the ones they’ve been listening to have lead them in the “wrong” direction.

Look, I am not–and never will be–a Donald Trump supporter. But then again, I’m not a Hillary supporter either. (It’s disappointing because there was a time when I was a HUGE admirer of the Clintons until I found out that they were wealthy, priviliged people whose goal is just to maintain the status quo because–news flash!–the status quo benefits them.

(See, Stephen, I have my own news flashes too. Oh, I’ll bet you think I’m writing out “fake” news here, but I’m not. I’m writing an opinionated blog, a political rant, if you will. I’m exercising my right to write because I know I may not have that freedom for much longer.)

Nothing in this blog entry should be news to anyone reading it. I think we Americans all know by now that the status quo doesn’t benefit most of us but that it does benefit those who are already at the top. They want to stay on top so they need to stop us from having access to information so that we can’t take them down from way up there. Knowledge is power, people! That’s why college tuition is so outrageously expensive; they overcharge us for the books; they overcharge us for housing; many colleges are segregated from the communities within which they reside to prevent the dripping of fresh knowledge out into the local community.

But Colbert goes on:

“This is entertainment. If you want news, go to CBS’s John Dickerson or maybe the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ but don’t go to some anonymous guy on social media ’cause a lot of the news on social media is a lie…”

Yes, true that. We certainly can’t believe everything that is posted on the Internet. But Colbert conveniently doesn’t mention Fox News, probably because he doesn’t agree with much that network reports as “news.” Maybe even he agrees that Fox News is Faux News. Possibly Stephen Colbert would agree that we can’t believe what Bill O’Reilly tells us. Or what Sean Hannity reports as news.

But can we believe everything that is said on CBS? In the “Wall Street Journal”? Apparently, Stephen Colbert can. CBS is his boss and as a millionaire, I’m sure Colbert learns a lot from reading the WSJ.

“There’s so much fake news out there. The fake news is having such an influence on our lives that today–and this is true–Pope Francis said that ‘media that focus on scandals and spread fake news to smear politicians risk becoming like people who have a morbid fascination with excrement…’

Oh, I see. Maybe you want to reserve your position within the entertainment industry as political comedy guru? Maybe you want to make sure that not just anyone can report the news just like not just anyone can be on TV and not just anyone can run for President and not just anyone can go to college and not just anyone can even obtain decent, quality health care.

In fact, not just anyone can live in a safe, clean neighborhood anymore. Not just anyone can afford to eat healthy, nutritious food. Not just anyone can pursue their dreams. Most of us have to work at jobs we hate and barely make ends meet, hoping all the while that maybe someday things will get better.

In so many ways, the United States of America has become a monarchy, like the old-school British class system monarchy. We don’t call them “kings” or “queens,” but we have our celebrities and our powerful figures that we admire, and we do not like upstarts. How dare Jill Stein run for political office! Don’t you who we are?!

Don’t you know the Clinton dynasty?!

And that’s the real reason so many Americans voted for Trump. Trump is a wealthy, privileged, white male. Americans worship men who fit into that category. Americans like their billionaires. For all his liberal rhetoric, Colbert’s comedic tirade proves that he shares a similar elitist mindset. He didn’t vote for Trump, but most likely, voted for Hillary, who was simply the other side of the same coin: business as usual/status quo–keep us at war, keep taxes low for the wealthy, keep college expensive, keep quality health care expensive, keep poor people from working their way up the social ladder, keep the masses ignorant and voting against their own interests, etc.

Nothing in this country ever changes really.

Colbert goes on to talk about “Pizzagate,” which he claims is a lie. Of course, this is after he informed us that we should not get our news from him. So which is true, Stephen Colbert, do you want us to get our news from you or not? Why are you discussing current events on your show and attempting to influence public opinion while admitting that you are not a journalist and are not qualified to disseminate information? Do you know for a fact that “Pizzagate” is a lie? Who are your sources for this information?

Now, again, in full disclosure, I personally do not believe the “Pizzagate” story myself. It probably is a lie. My point is, that Colbert has admitted to not being a newscaster yet he follows that disclosure with a lecture on what we should/should not believe.

I dislike the term “white privilege.” It’s racist and drives people apart, BUT I can’t avoid calling Stephen Colbert on his own privileged status. Obviously, he believes that he is better than the rest of us, and that his opinions contain more value. He’s a millionaire, so he knows better. In that sense, he’s no different from Donald Trump (and only in that sense. I don’t believe Stephen Colbert is a bad person, just a little misguided and out of touch on this particular issue.)

No, I didn’t vote for Trump because I don’t believe that how much money a person has determines his/her worth. I voted for Jill Stein because I believe she genuinely cares about the American people. She was the only candidate who stood by her beliefs consistently.

So I don’t worship you either, Stephen. Love your comedy. You’re talented, for sure. You deserve your success, agreed. But don’t sit there on your televised throne and lecture to us Americans what news sources we should/should not listen to. You are, as you’ve stated, a comedian. That’s all. (And even though I know you probably worked incredibly hard to get where you are today, there are probably thousands of other comedians just as talented and hardworking as you who just never had the chances you had.) It just so happens that our society will compensate some comedians–the lucky ones–with millions of dollars. Apparently, selling out to the establishment is the first step in acquiring the millions. Possessing talent helps too, but selling out is a requirement.

“A lot of uninformed, gullible people fell for the Clinton-Podesta sex ring theory…”

A lot of uninformed, gullible people believe everything Stephen Colbert tells them too…

One thing I do know for sure is this:  a large percentage of Americans voted for Donald Trump. I didn’t. But a lot of Americans did. Many Americans agree with Trump, like it or not. This is something we need to think about. Why did so many Americans vote against their own best interest? Why do Americans listen to people like Donald Trump and, yes, Stephen Colbert? Where does this worship of the wealthy, white guy come from? Can we reach the “alternative right”?

Yes, I believe that those of us on the so-called “left” can have rational intelligent discussions with those on the so-called “right.” But certainly not by referring to them as “folks with spider eggs hatching in their brains.”

I mean, considering the fact that those “folks” comprise a large percentage of our population, we need to reconsider listening to Stephen Colbert’s propaganda. (Yes, I’m referring to his blathering as propaganda because that’s exactly what it is.)

Fact is, many Americans believe the conspiracy theories because they’re unhappy with the way things are. And the so-called “real” news journalists aren’t giving them accurate and complete information, so they don’t know where to turn for an explanation as to why the country is suffering. When limousine liberals talk about what a great country this is because, don’t ya’ know, a woman finally was considered for the presidency, many Americans saw right through it. First of all, many countries around the world have long since elected women leaders. The USA has fallen behind many other countries in terms of women having political power. Second, many Americans are struggling, so they know that the USA is not the greatest country in the world. They know that the “American Dream” is just nonsense.

People have no choice but to turn to the alternative news sources because the mainstream sources aren’t reporting the news accurately but a censored, dumbed-down version of the news that doesn’t offend large corporations and powerful political figures. Yes, alternative news sources can also be wrong. In fact, some of them might also be bought and paid for by wealthy insiders using the Internet to influence the population. Alternative news reporters make mistakes and are sometimes inaccurate, but so is CBS, and so is, apparently, Stephen Colbert…

So what’s an American to do?

What we need to do as Americans is to start listening to each other. Forget about what CBS, the WSJ or Alex Jones has to say. Listen to your neighbor, your coworker, your friends, your family, the people chatting across from you on the subway, even your enemies. Let’s listen to each other and find out from each other what’s really going on in our community. When we turn on the TV news, we’ll see someone’s version of the events, but when we talk to people in the community we’ll hear the community’s version and we’ll see that the televised version often doesn’t match up with that of the witnesses–those who were actually there and witnessed the event.

Let me inform you of a little something, Mr. Colbert (limousine liberals, et. al.) Americans voted for Donald Trump because they want change. They don’t want to maintain the status quo, i.e., Hillary. I don’t agree with that choice, but I’m better informed than most Americans when it comes to politics. I don’t read the WSJ, don’t watch CBS, stay away from TV in general. Yep, most of my “news” comes from the Internet but I’m very skeptical, very critical in my thinking. I’m lucky in that I have an education. (My life is ruined as a result since I have mortgage-sized student loan debt that’s long since defaulted.) But unlike most Americans, I value education.

And somewhere in this lengthy rant lies the point: Americans want change but aren’t educated enough on politics, history and sociology to have an idea of what exactly is happening to our country. They just know they’re unhappy, that the quality of life is deteriorating for most of us with each passing year. Some Americans blame immigrants. Some blame women–feminists. Some blame the Jews. Some blame blacks. Some blame whites and “white supremacy.” There’s always a scapegoat, right? Because when one knows little of history and political science and has very little understanding of human nature and how social systems function and are created, it’s easier for that someone to just find a scapegoat and hurl blame at it.

Solution? Stop watching TV. Start reading, thinking, meditating. Start listening and talking with others about current events. Learn more about history and current events. Study politics, sociology and human psychology. Form communities and bring people together to discuss issues DIPLOMATICALLY. Don’t assume people who think differently from you have spider eggs in their heads. Give them the benefit of a doubt. Try talking. Maybe, just maybe, YOU are the one who can learn from them about some things. Maybe those other people have some knowledge they could share with you.

And I’ll end this lengthy rant by repeating myself here. I enjoy Stephen Colbert’s comedy. Yes, yes, he’s very funny. I myself tend to be a bleeding heart liberal as well. But propaganda is propaganda. “Fake news” is just a new term created to excuse censorship and to distract the masses from the real problem–lack of access to accurate and complete news coverage and analysis. People believe the “fake news” because they want to believe it and because they’ve lost faith in the establishment. Censoring it will only add fuel to the fire. Let’s not forget the value of freedom of speech. Many people around the world cannot speak freely. We don’t want to give up one of the few remaining freedoms we still have left, the freedom to express our opinions–regardless of whether or not someone in power agrees, do we?

Do we?