Chicago Musicians: Yeti and ? More musical videos from the midwestern sphere

Here’s more of “Yeti” and a singer-songwriter whose name I missed. So sorry! If anyone knows who this guy is, please write me and send me a link or some info that proves to me that it’s him… (I mean, if I get five different people writing to me saying his name is Joe, Mike, Justin, or Tom, whom do I believe?…)

Yeti!  At Evolution Music Store in Chicago.


Nameless singer-songwriter!  Please someone send me his name so I can give him credit.  At Evolution Music Store in Chicago.

Stay inTUNED. There’s more Chicago road trip music video coming tomorrow!

Chicago musicians–road trip: Lookey what I found!

Yes, I took a road trip to Chicago for the fabulous Self Employment in the Arts conference in Lisle, a Chicago suburb.  Click HERE for info

And lookey what I discovered–musicians playing in a music store that stays open after hours to host local acts! It’s a great idea, of course. I thank Evolution Music Store for thinking of it and wonder why more music stores don’t do it. News flash: it’s win-win, brings musicians into your store after all…

Here’s a guy who calls himself “Yeti.” Sorry ’bout the sound. I was sitting a distance away and didn’t want to disrupt the crowd by trampling over them to get to the front. (This wasn’t a professional video, just something I did while traveling through Chicago.) I’m going to post the other videos separately to save space:


Here’s a video I recently shot of the Lake Erie Seaway Trail, a public beach in Hamburg, NY. The footage came out great, but then how can a sunset over a beach not turn out great, right?

Blues Jam on Elmwood Avenue!

Videography by Jennings “JC” SuperRoadie Campbell!!!

More coming soon…l