Why We Need Independent Music and Musicians… and Without the Sex and Drugs!

(Although I must admit that the use of the word “sex” in this blog’s title may have gotten some people to view this web site… Hmm… What does it mean?)

As an independent musician, i.e., a creative artist who writes my own material that doesn’t necessarily sound like everyone else’s material, I notice how difficult it can be to find places to perform publicly so that other people can hear the music. Certainly, if one is a good imitator of the already established tried and true, one has a better chance of finding places to play—as long as she/he performs songs that have been written long ago and have already been performed thousands of times already.

I used to look down upon the “cover bands,” but, heck, they’re making money—sometimes a lot of it. No new, original or innovate music gets created, but they’re earning a living doing what they love—playing music. There’s nothing wrong with that. People want to hear their favorite songs, after all. Besides, who wants to take the risk of playing new songs that haven’t been heard before when we know that playing the same songs that have already been tested many times before by bands who are wealthy, successful and standing on a huge platform will guarantee us an audience and some income too?

Conform, conform, conform!

Yes, even us rebels have our favorite songs. Rage Against the Machine, anyone?

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